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In some cases, the delivery of a parcel may take a little longer. Please check the shipping status of your parcel online. Was the check unsuccessful? If so, request a search order. This will be automatically sent to our staff. Please note that a parcel search may only be submitted by the sender. If you are the recipient and suspect your parcel has been lost, please contact the sender so that he or she can contact us.

Download National search request (PDF) *

Download International search request (PDF) *

Should you find out that your parcel has arrived damaged or some of its contents are missing, you can report the damage to us. To initiate a damage report, please complete the downloadable form. An automatic E-mail is generated. Please add photos of any damage. Please note: the more detailed your description of the damage, the faster our staff can process your claim for compensation.

Download the damages form (PDF)*

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Monday - Saturday
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Tel.: 01-2535355 (local tariff)
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